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MuraCon 2013 Sessions Posted

The MuraCon 2013 schedule has been released and looks to be the best MuraCon yet.

Topics include:

  • Intro to Varnish Cache With Mura
  • Mura Themes 101
  • Filtering Your Content With Mura CMS
  • Getting Started with Plugins
  • Getting Started Using Slatwall Ecommerce
  • Rich Story Telling with HTML 5 and Javascript
  • Requirements & Estimating Web Projects
  • Customizing the User Experience
  • Mobile Learning with Mura CMS
  • Mura Site Building: Maintaining Design Integrity While Making Content Contributors Productive
  •  XRay Vision into the Application Lifecycle
  • ...and more!

See the whole schedule

We've also partnered with D2W, the Designer/Devleoper Workflow Conference to provide you with even more great content. Register for MuraCon and have full access to D2W FREE.

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