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MuraCon EU is just around the corner!

MuraCon EU is taking place in less than 2 weeks in Edinburgh, on June 5 - the day before the Scotch on the Rocks conference. MuraCon EU is the only European user conference focused solely on Mura CMS.

Attendees will get a full day of presentations by both Mura CMS Team members and the some of the best developers in the Mura community, including Guust Nieuwenhuis, Nick Range, Ronnie Duke and more. 


MuraCon EU is filled with great content that will help you get more out of your Mura CMS projects. Each session will have great information for beginners and experts alike. 

  • Getting the Input Out Put: Organising and Retrieving Content for Custom Designs
  • Mura CMS Publishing Workflow
  • Deploying Mura to a Large, Diverse Organisation
  • An Inside Look at Mura CMS Theming
  • Multilingual Sites in Mura CMS
  • Getting Started with Mura CMS Plugins

Why You Should Come

Mura CMS can greatly improve your organization's (or your personal) productivity when developing complex websites, intranets and mobile sites. MuraCon EU is a one-day deep dive into Mura CMS, and attendees are sure to learn concepts and insights that will help them get more done, more quickly than ever before. Whether you're a seasoned Mura CMS veteran or just evaluating Mura CMS for a potential project, MuraCon EU will provide you with the information you need. 

Register Now

MuraCon EU is a great value at $99 (USD), but if you're a Scotch On the Rocks attendee, you can get in free. Click here for more details: Those that register in the next few days will even get a free MuraCon EU t-shirt (and they are pretty cool!).