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New Mura CMS category at Theme Forest!

Theme Forest (, the world's leading marketplace for premium themes has just added a Mura CMS category — making us one of just a few select CMSs to have a category of its own.

The Mura CMS category on Theme Forest's site can be viewed here. All the Mura CMS themes are responsive, and designed to look good on every device. They come loaded with Mura-specific features and functionality, including working forms, galleries, templates, etc. Once you've purchased a Mura theme from Theme Forest, just load the bundle into your Mura installation and you'll be off to the races - you can even include the example content if you like.  

We've got a number of themes available already, and are hard at work adding more. Here's a look at the current themes - click on any of the links below to view the details for that theme. 

We'd like to express our thanks to the many people at Blue River and Envato who worked to make this happen.