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Open Source CMS Survey

When we're talking with potential clients about Mura CMS, we often hear them say "I had no idea there were any ColdFusion open source projects". Of course, this couldn't be more wrong; Ray Camden's RIAForge lists almost a thousand ColdFusion projects, and there are hundreds more on GitHub alone. In fact, there are over 60 Mura CMS projects on GitHub today, and of course there are great open source CFML engines like Railo and Open BD. 

ColdFusion suffers from a lot of misperceptions in the web development community, and we're doing all we can to counter them and make more people aware of what a great platform it is.

Last year, the Open Source CMS Market Share Survey, a widely-cited Open Source CMS survey, got over 3000 responses, and not one mentioned a ColdFusion project. Please take a few minutes (there are only 20 quick questions) to fill out this survey and let them know about Mura CMS!

You can get to the survey here: