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Other bloggers call Sava CMS "fabulous" and "the future"

We don't want to get all Sally Fields about it, but it's really great to hear some of the recent compliments from the community. Sava CMS recently received high praise on a couple different blogs - one of which went so far as to declare Sava CMS to be "the future". Wow.

Since we launched Sava CMS as a standalone product about 10 months ago, we've gotten a good amount of feedback from the community, the majority of it very positive. But recently Sava CMS really got some heavy-duty kudos, far beyond what we would ever be bold enough to say. (But we're certainly happy to link to them here...)

At the Clever Technology blog, they call Sava CMS "fabulous", and discuss how they've been waiting for a long time for a ColdFusion CMS like Sava. Saying that "For all the CF developers out there, Sava has given us a dream of a foundation" is all we could hope to hear, but next they top that with this: "...the ColdFusion community has found itself a golden child."

A shorter, but similarly positive post can be found at Jeff McNaughton's blog. Jeff says that he's "never seen such a full featured and solid feeling on a free and open source CMS." I guess his title is the best part - ""Sava CMS is the future".

While it's (absolutely) great to get feedback like this, it really puts the pressure on us to make sure that Sava CMS is every bit as good as it can be. We're continually working to improve Sava CMS and make it more useful and easy to use - be sure to let us know what suggestions or requests you have.

- Malcolm O'Keeffe
Blue RIver Interactive Group