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New Documentation Released - Programmer's Guide to Mura CMS

We've just completed the first draft of a new round of documentation for programmers looking to get the most out of Mura CMS. In it, we cover topics like using the Mura Tag, the Mura event model, the new Mura Scope, extending base Mura types, creating Mura plugins, and much more. If you're a programmer working with Mura CMS, you'll find this new documentation invaluable.

Here's the full list of topics covered in the documentation:  

  • Mura File Structure
  • The Mura Tag
  • The Mura Event Model
  • The Mura Scope
  • Session User Facade
  • Understanding Base Mura Objects
  • Mapping Events In Mura
  • Custom Types And Output
  • Creating Plugins In Mura
  • Keeping Your Site Auto-Update Safe
  • Custom Caching

We're posting this draft as a single 50+ page PDF document, but as we finalize the content, we'll be breaking it up into logical sections, and adding it to our Support web content. If you have any general questions or comments regarding this documentation, please let us know by adding a comment to this blog post. If you have a "how-to" question, please post that in our support forum (it's hard to do good tech support in a blog format). 

You can access the Programmer's Guide to Mura CMS here. Hope you find it useful and helpful.