Running Mura CMS on Lucee Express (OS X)

Mura 6.2 now supports Lucee Application Server. Get up and running quickly using Lucee Express and Mura CMS.

If you're looking to run Mura CMS locally on Lucee Express, follow these steps

  1. Download Lucee Express
  2. Drag to home folder
  3. rename folder "lucee-express"
  4. open up folder in terminal (cd /Users/{username}/lucee-express )
  5. type "./"
  6. go to localhost:8888 (should see Lucee welcome Page)
  7. Click on "Web Server Admin" (http://localhost:8888/lucee/admin/web.cfm)
  8. Enter password credentials (or create new pw)
  9. Create a new schema in MySQL
  10. Connect to your new schema in Lucee admin under "Datasource"
  11. ./ )
  12. go to Lucee folder, under /webapps and rename ROOT to "OLD"
  13. Create a new ROOT folder for Mura (copy new Mura instance, or git clone)
  14. - git clone{username}/MuraCMS ROOT - Add the blueriver upstream ( git remote add upstream git:// )
  15. Copy the WEB-INF folder from "OLD" to "ROOT"
  16. ./
  17. Go to localhost:8888 to complete your Mura installation