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Sava CMS Has a New Name - Mura CMS

Due to a trademark challenge from another software company (who we're not going to name here) we've been encouraged by our lawyers to change the name of Sava CMS. After much discussion and debate, we've decided to change to the name Mura CMS.

Why Mura? Simple - it's the name of a river (as was Sava), it is has the same number of letters, so it swaps out for Sava in both the logo and the former [ sava ] tag very easily, and most importantly, it's available and not in conflict with anything else that we're aware of.

Sava CMS has been around almost a full year as a publicly-available product, (and another 3 plus years before that as a private product that we used in our client engagements). We've been getting great reviews, and an ever-increasing number of users and deployed sites, so it's disappointing to deal with the disruption that comes with the name change. However, we're looking at it as the start of a new phase - with changes like the new plugin architecture, themes and the upcoming Marketplace, a new name is actually somewhat appropriate.

What does this mean for our clients and users?

Mura CMS will remain free and open source - it's really just a name change. Same great features, same ease of use. Even upgrading your installs to Mura CMS won't be difficult - you'll just have to update a couple of specific files, and let your clients know that their CMS will have a new name. But we're doing everything we can to minimize the hassle for existing Mura (Sava) users - for example, we're retaining backward compatibility for the [sava] tag - and we'll provide a full blog post on this aspect of the change in a day or two.

- Malcolm O'Keeffe
Blue RIver Interactive Group