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Simpler Support Pricing

One of the guiding principles for us is to always look for simpler, more direct ways to make things possible with Sava CMS. We recently realized that our Support Pricing was unnecessarily complex, and as a result, hard to quickly understand. We've updated our pricing to be as straight-forward as possible, and of course, staying with our policy of having no hidden fees or "contact us for magical pricing" gimmicks.

We think of Paid Support engagments falling into 2 main categories: Project Support and Annual Support. Project Support is a short, one-time engagment where we can help with a specific challenge, usually relating to project development. Annual Support is a more "maintenance" type, long-term support agreement, where we provide ongoing, priority support to clients with existing Sava CMS sites.

Project Support

For our Project Support rates, we've broken them down into 3 pricing tiers (not unsurprisingly, the more hours you need, the lower your hourly rate):

  • For engagements of less than 10 hours we charge US $225 / hour
  • For engagements between 10 and 40 hours we charge US $200 / hr
  • For engagements over 40 hours we charge US $175 / hr

We can help with any aspect of Sava development, including server setup and configuration, template development and integration, customization of Sava CMS and more. Short-term support arrangements can be a small as one hour, or up to a multi-month development project. We'll work with you to come up with a custom plan that matches your specific needs and budgets.

Annual Support

Annual Support agreements give you priority email and phone access to our support team along with a personalized Web collaboration interface for questions and answers, document sharing and more. Annual Support clients can choose from 2 rates (again, more time = lower costs per incident):

  • Standard Support - up to 20 support incidents per year, at US $200 / incident
  • Premium Support - up to 50 support incidents per year, at US $150 / incident

Of course, if an organization wants an agreement with more more than 50 incidents per year, we'll work that out with them.

* Up to 1 hour support time per incident

Hopefully, this new pricing is easier to understand and seems reasonable to everyone. We'd love to get feedback - any suggestions or reactions?

- Malcolm O'Keeffe
Blue RIver Interactive Group