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Updated Install and Set Up Documentation

A new section for Installation and Site Settings has been created in our online documentation.

Up until now, installation documentation has only lived in the Sava download. We decided to add this to our online documentation and made a few important additions:

  • settings.ini.cfm Reference - We've added a description, options and examples for every setting in this very important file in Sava.
  • Site Settings - A breakdown of what all of these are for and do.
  • Upgrading Sava - Until we have a plug-in or another method to do this, this provides instructions for upgrading your version of Sava to the latest and greatest if you're not hooked up to our SVN repository. [UPDATE: Mura CMS as of version 5.1 does contain an automated method for updating your core CMS code and options for also updating your individual site display objects code]. This started as an email, got discussed the forum, became a part of a blog post and is now part of our documentation for easier reference.

While we are still a ways off from where we would like to be documentation-wise, this is proof that the ball is rolling and more is on the way. In the meantime, please hit us up in the forum for any questions you have that aren't covered in our docs yet.