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Mura Plugins

While Mura has a lot of built-in features, you can do even more with plugins. Browse our favorites or hit GitHub for more options created by the Mura community.

Mura Translations

Manage translations between multiple languages and locales.

Mura Locations

A plugin that allows you to add Locations to a Google Map. It also allows users to either use their current location or enter their address to obtain a list of the "closest" locations.

Mura Player

A plugin that wraps the JW Player (v5) for Flash and HTML5 video and audio

Slatwall Ecommerce

Slatwall is the full-featured open source eCommerce solution. In addition to store setup, Slatwall integrates with payment, fulfillment and CRM systems.

Mura Disqus

A plugin that makes adding Disqus comments to your site easy as pie.

Mura LiveFyre

A Mura Plugin that adds Livefyre comments to your Mura pages.

Twitter Cards

Simple plugin that adds Twitter Cards functionality to Mura CMS.

Mura Google Calendar

A plugin that displays events from a public Google Calendar. This plugin leverages the FullCalendar jQuery plugin.

Mura Google Sitemaps

A plugin to auto-generate Google Sitemaps.

Mura Google Analytics

A plugin to add Google Analytics to your site.

Mura User Bridge

The Mura User Bridge plugin allows you to integrate with LDAP and Active Directory.

Mura FW/1

This is a base Mura CMS plugin using FW/1 as its application framework. It's intended to be used by developers familiar with Framework One, or more commonly known as FW/1.

Mura Meta Generator

A plugin to auto-generate meta keywords and meta descriptions based on actual content.

Mura Solr

A plugin to add file searching to default MuraCMS site search.

Mura ElasticSearch

A plugin that enables Mura to use ElasticSearch distributed search and analytics from

Mura Cache

A plugin that enables Mura CMS to take advantage of native CF caches.

Mura Link Checker

This Mura CMS plugin helps you review your site for broken links.

Mura Hoth

Hoth aims to help developers better understand exceptions--caught or not--in their application so you can prioritize resolution. Hoth is a simple but effective exception content tracking system.


This Mura plugin sends all exceptions of your mura application and plugins to a centralized BugLogHQ bug repository.

Mura Gist

A plugin that enables users to create, manage and display Github Gists (Code Snippets) within their content.

Mura Nivo

A plugin that utilizes Nivo Slider to create configurable slide show display objects.

Mura Banners

MuraBanners enables you to have a specific banner for each page of your Mura site.

Mobile Mura

A plugin that extends Mura's built-in mobile support by allowing you to configure a completely separate site specifically for Mobile devices.

Mura URL Tools

This is a simple MuraCMS plugin for creating alternative URLs for your Mura content.

Mura Fuse Guard

The FuseGuard Web Application Firewall for ColdFusion is a set of code designed to run inside your existing CFML web applications to block, filter, or log potentially malicious requests.

Mura Plugin

A starter plugin to jumpstart your next Mura CMS plugin project.

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