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Mura 7.1 Released: Modern Developer and DevOps Features Pave the Way for Flow-Creating UX enhancements

Mura, a leading Digital Experience Platform, today announced that it has released Mura 7.1, the latest version which brings new functionality, flexibility and agility to digital experiences for organizations of all sizes.

Key components of Mura 7.1 include a containerized, Docker-First approach to architecture, API-led development, continuous deployment, and immutable infrastructure.

With a Docker-optimized core enabling continuous deployment, and fully-integrated API, Mura 7.1 turns the concept of immutable infrastructure into a reality with ease of installation, migration, and deployment, helping reduce the amount of time spent maintaining and troubleshooting infrastructure.

Mura JS and the JSON/REST API allow seamless access to content and objects via standard javascript frameworks and libraries such as Vue.js, React.js, and Angular.js, and are fully supported by Mura's robust security and integrated permissions model. This provides a path to API-led development and one of the most sought-after aspects of modern Content and Experience Management, Content as a Service (CaaS), often referred to as "Headless" or "Decoupled."

In addition, Mura 7.1 frees developers from the tedium of kickstarting development projects with the new Mura Assembler and Scaffolder. These allow developers to quickly begin fleshing out business applications without needing to touch code. Add support for Bootstrap 4 as the default theme for Mura 7.1 to eliminate the distraction of creating layouts and making design decisions, and building robust experiences becomes a lot easier.

But Mura 7.1 isn't just for developers, it's also GDPR-friendly, with the ability to easily allow consent and for users to have their history removed, complying with the new EU legislation.

And marketers will appreciate not having to rely on thrird-party services to easily create Calls-To-Action and display forms in full-screen overlays, bars, slide out drawers and modal windows. Native CTA widgets are now built into Mura.

Integrations with Google Data Studio, popular marketing automation platforms and Salesforce provide further MarTech and Content Marketing support.

High Customer Satisfaction 

Named as a High Performer in the web content management category on G2 Crowd for the past five consecutive quarters, Mura earns strong customer satisfaction marks across all business sizes including enterprise, mid-market and small businesses. Customer reviews include accolades such as, "Powerful and flexible CMS", "The best CMS I have ever used", and "Mura is very simple to use yet super powerful." Mura has received a 4.5 out of 5 stars in user satisfaction based on 75 real user reviews.

Get Mura 

All of this is available to the public and can be accessed through the complete Mura 7.1 documentation. Download the Mura Docker image or the latest version of the standard install l from, request a demo, or contact us to learn about subscription plans.

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