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Report Card: Mura's Platform Gets High Marks From Users

G2 Crowd, a B2B software review site, ranks products based on feedback from actual users of the products, not industry analysts. For web CMS, users provide feedback on overall satisfaction, ease of use, and time to market.

Based on user rankings, Mura outperforms Sitecore, Drupal, and Adobe Experience Manager, but Mura's not just a great fit for large projects; it's also one of the top web CMS products for both small and mid-market businesses. Our platform was also ranked in the top 10 overall web CMS list, and it was named G2's "high performer" for winter 2017.

The People's Champ

We wholeheartedly believe Mura is one of the most user-friendly, elegant, and powerful platforms available today. But you don't have to take our word for it.

Users love Mura on G2 Crowd

The various G2 awards were driven by stellar user reviews. Users praised Mura's ease of use for developers, as well as for CMS administrators. Reviews mention how even a CMS novice can set up, configure, deploy, and update our system with relative ease. That's particularly important for training web clients on the admin features of the platform, and users are able to restrict their clients' admin access to prevent them from potentially harming their sites. Compared to WordPress and Drupal, users have an easier time adding, editing, and testing pages before presenting them to the public.

But "easy" isn't synonymous with "weak" in Mura's case. Users praise our "simple to use, yet super powerful" design, in addition to the platform's comprehensive feature set and customization options. Mura allows users to create plugins, which allow third-party integrators to fold new features directly into the system. Reviews praised the ability to build several sites — from simple to e-commerce — using the platform, with some claiming it's their go-to option for web clients.

Sizing Up the Competition

Stacked against rival platforms such as Sitecore, Adobe Experience Manager, and Drupal, Mura consistently outranks them in overall ratings and customer satisfaction. Our CMS leads them in 24 out of 28 G2 Crowd categories, including ease of use, ease of setup, ease of admin, SEO tools, and quality of support.

Compared to the toughest competitors out there, such as WordPress and HubSpot, Mura ranks higher in content authoring, rich text editing, and customization.

Mura excels in these categories because our development team is so agile. While some teams take ages to make additions or tweaks to their platforms, we're able to roll out new features and bug fixes in a matter of weeks. Time to market with Mura is significantly faster, making it a more cost-effective tool that still manages to deliver functionality rivaling that of other sites.

Driven by Feedback

We try to respond to user feedback as quickly as possible, which several reviewers praised on G2 Crowd. One user said, "The development team behind the product is fantastic and eager to help potential developers and users of the platform." Our team is incredibly active within our community. As a result, our customers have a lot of say in our priorities as we push the platform forward.

Considering the amount of time we've spent perfecting certain elements of the Mura platform, it's always rewarding when users mention specific features of our system that they adore. On the flip side, it's quite useful when they tell us what they don't like or would rather not see more of — it helps us shift gears.

For example, we have noticed our users appreciate our documentation and would like more of it. We've made that a focal point of our latest release. We also want to provide more hands-on and practical advice on our blog (based on user feedback), and we're revamping our onboarding program to help folks get up to speed with the system more quickly.

Our users have spoken. The Mura platform provides ease of use without sacrificing features, customization, or power. More importantly, our team is dedicated to providing users with high-quality support, requested updates, and fast fixes.

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