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Procrastination is Fear

Programming is far more art than science, more creative than arithmetic. It requires inventiveness, problem-solving, imagination and persistence. Because of that, it is very, very easy to become distracted. The solution is a time-tested combination of personal hacks for confronting your fears, allowing room for the unknown, and getting creative with ways to make incremental progress towards your goals.

Forms: When Are They Applications?

Sure, a form collects data, it might actually be doing some cool things behind the scenes like sending email and storing the results in a way that lets you browse through them, but make no mistake, a form is not an application, it is just a form.

Storytelling: How Anyone Can Effectively Tell Their Own Story and Cut Through the Noise

While storytelling is uniquely effective for any kind of corporate messaging, not all stories are the same. What goes into a winning business story? According to noted business speaker Park Howell, a winning story, whether for brands, marketers, website developers or anyone else, should follow the hero’s journey tropes for mass success.

Mura Training November 2018 in Sacramento

The next round of Mura training courses in the US will be presented Monday, November 12 through Friday, November 16, 2018, in Sacramento, California. A range of full-day training courses, targeted to the unique needs of different roles for content, development and themes, will provide in-depth understanding of the latest version of Mura, from simple content updates all the way to creating new Mura modules.

Speed Matters: Maximizing Your Mura Cache

Caching is all about maximizing performance. Of your server, your website, of the user experience, not to mention SEO. Speed matters. Fortunately, you have several good options to make sure your Mura site is screaming fast.

Storytelling: Communication Hack for Our Noisy World or Marketing B.S.?

As the masses have become the media, it’s increasingly difficult for brands and individuals to cut through the noise. So what’s the antidote? According to noted business storyteller and author Park Howell, it’s the anecdote. By using our natural proclivity for storytelling, anyone can more effectively get their message across and be more effective in marketing, web development or anything else.