Overview - Mura Digital Experience Platform

Powerful, Scalable and Easy to Use.

Mura CMS is built with one focused purpose in mind - to make it easier and faster for people to build and update websites. Whether it's something as simple as adding a news release or as complex as integrating website data with an enterprise CRM system, Mura CMS provides a clear and complete toolkit.

Mura is For:

Mura CMS frees editors and marketers to focus on what they do best - work with content and connect with users - in an intuitive, straighforward manner, without needing to call the IT team.

Mura CMS is easy to learn and use, and integrated design components like calendars, sidebars and forms empower even the first-time users to create content-rich sites. Additionally, Mura CMS's email broadcaster, advertising manager and user-tracking tools give marketers concrete ways to connect with audiences and build brands.

Mura CMS is also a fantastic platform for creating SEO-friendly sites. Mura CMS outputs SEO-optimized code for accurate search engine indexing, creates human-readable URLs, and auto-generates site maps for your users and search engines alike. You can even integrate your 3rd party analytics tools (Google Analytics, etc.) into the Mura CMS dashboard for a single overview of your entire site.

  • Create and edit content with incredible ease. Mura CMS's intuitive editing interface will have you working faster and easier than any comparable systems
  • Create Search Engine Optimized sites and campaigns
  • Create rich content structures and relationships
  • Engage your audiences with blogging and user feedback tools like comments, ratings, reviews, etc.
  • Maintain and enforce your organization's design standards on the web - content is separated from templating, so your users can't accidentally break your site's designs.
  • Personalize content for different audiences
  • Integrate live reports from your 3rd party analytics tools into Mura CMS administration screens
  • Edit and review content using workflow and administration tools
  • Schedule content for automatic display and removal
  • Create unique sets of editorial permissions for different content contributors
  • Manage unlimited drafts and versions of content, with one-click rollback
  • Create forms using our drag and drop form builder - no code needed!
  • Create public and search engine sitemaps with automatic updating

Our object-oriented codebase is lightweight and easy to work with to extend and customize. Mura is easy to install and configure, and works in multiple infrastructures, saving you time and money and reducing your headaches.

  • Open source means you have access to the entire codebase
  • One-click upgrades to new Mura CMS releases
  • Fully extensible API for customization and integration
  • Multiple site support - run multiple websites from one Mura install
  • Staging-to-live server configuration option
  • Fine-grained caching controls
  • Runs on Adobe ColdFusion, Railo and Tomcat servers
  • Support for MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases
  • Cross-platform support (Mac OS, Windows, Linux) for browser-based editing
  • Supports clustering and load-balanced configuration for high-traffic sites

Built by a team of designers, developers and programmers and honed via real-world projects, Mura CMS addresses the most frequent needs and problems associated with content management software.

  • Themes - Mura CMS ships with attractive, useful site themes, and more are available in our Marketplace. Just drop in your theme folder to your site, and you have an entire new look and feel available to select.
  • Flexible templating - There's no limit to site layout options; If you can design it in CSS, you can build it in Mura CMS.
  • Dynamically-generated CSS hooks - All site and page elements can be targeted multiple ways: globally, by section, by page, by object. For instance, you can provide unique CSS rules for an object in a specific page in a specific section at a specific depth in your site.
  • Mura CMS provides you with logically structured, semantically correct output and the ability to toggle between <h1>'s and <h2>'s for page titles while maintaining a consistent page structure.
  • Direct access to markup output - Don't like the way we do it? No offense taken. You can get into the code and craft it exactly as you'd like; it's easy to modify Mura CMS's output to use the CSS framework of your choice.
  • Tons of built-in objects and functionality that save you time and effort. Mura CMS comes with image galleries, calendars, and content objects like comments, ratings, share with a friend, etc. that will make your site creation process easy and fast. 
  • Excellent SEO support - You can control the page title, browser title, navigation title and URL title independently, plus give your users full control over their meta keyword and description fields. You can even add dynamically created sitemaps for both users (in-page) and Search Engines (sitemap.xml files).
  • Pre-built, dynamically-generated navigation objects provide you with almost any navigation options (subnav, sequential, pagination, etc. ) you want to add to your site.
  • Categorization and Tagging - dynamically create navigation and site structures based on a taxonomy
  • Easy to customize while keeping your Mura CMS instance upgradeable via our one-click update option.
  • Plugins - The Mura CMS Marketplace has lots of plugins to provide you with additional Mura CMS functionality, and you can easily build your own if you need something that's not yet available. 

Mura CMS allows you to build sites incredibly rapidly and focus on the things you need to, instead of mind-numbing tasks like text input and copy changes (let's leave that to the marketing folks). Once your basic site set up is complete, you'll rarely leave your CSS editor. And since Mura CMS supports multiple sites in a single install, you can manage several sites from one codebase.

Mura CMS is popular with Government users in the US and worldwide, including the U.S. Senate and U.S. Marine Corps, the Research Councils of the United Kingdom, the European Commission, the City of Cincinnatti, and many, many more. Mura CMS provides Goverment organizations with a powerful toolkit for site development and maintanance, an incredibly easy to learn and use interface, and licensing and support options to fit any budget or project size. 

Powerful Features for Government

Mura CMS is scalable, secure and comes packed with built-in features like multi-site support, document management, mobile support, drag-and-drop form development, easy integration with external systems, cloud-ready configurations, and much more.

If you're tasked with developing a site for a Government agency, Mura CMS is likely a great fit. Using Mura CMS, you'll get your project done quickly, on budget, and your content managers will be delighted by Mura CMS's extraordinarily easy to use interface. Read more about our comprehensive feature set here.

Licensing Flexibility

Mura CMS is available via either our open source GPLv2-based license, or as a commercially licensed product. We even offer a SAAS version of Mura CMS via our MuraCloud hosting service.

No matter what your organization's licensing requirements are, we have an option that will work for you. Read more about our licensing options here.

Outstanding Support

We offer a full range of Mura CMS Support Options, including annual support contracts, training, and full range of professional services to assist with any aspect of a Mura CMS project. 

Our friendly, responsive Mura CMS support teams are available in both US and European time zones, and provide best-practice guidance with every aspect of using Mura CMS. Learn more about our Mura CMS support offerings here. 

Available via the GSA 

If you're with a US-based goverment entity, you'll be glad to know that Blue River offers a wide range of Mura CMS services and licensing via the GSA. Our GSA number is , and you can view our GSA profile here, along with our price lists, and Terms and Conditions.