Accelerating the Customer Journey with Content Personalization

Content Personalization has become a hot topic and many organizations are worried about missing a great opportunity to connect with their audiences and customers by not knowing where to start. Join blueriver CCO Sean Schroeder as he dives into the why, what, and how of content personalization through Intuit's

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"When you do content personalization, it's not like you're individually customizing every single piece of content to be specifically for that specific person," Blueriver CCO, Sean Schroeder says. "That's impossible. There's no way that scales."

Schroeder says the most important thing you need to get started with content personalization is the content itself. Then you can take that content and personalize it for each customer based on what you know about them. "It is similar to this concept of intelligent content, where you break things down into really semantic chunks and reassemble it to provide different content," he says. "And that's really at the heart of content personalization."

This blog post breaks down the who, what, where and why to accelerate the customer journey.