Manager's Guide to Creating Flow for Teams

The role of a manager today goes well beyond managing tasks, schedules and budgets. Managers are tasked with communicating direction, interpreting vision, foreseeing issues, managing dependencies and maintaining the health of their team during the process. 

Digital Project Managers, for example, are account managers, business analysts, project managers, scientists and sometimes therapists.

Considering this rapidly changing role, there is a lot of opportunity for error. Blueriver Director of Project Management Christine Ballisty shares what it takes to be a digital project manager in this day and age, and provides insights on effectively creating Flow for her projects, clients and her team.

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Flow is the feeling of complete and energized focus in an activity, with a high level of enjoyment and fulfillment - and when you're in this state of flow you undeniably produce results and feel a deep sense of accomplishment. So how can we create more of this state in the workplace? Blueriver Director of Project Management Christine Ballisty gives her seven keys for creating Flow for her team: