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The Wisdom Worker in the Digital Experience

With the advent and popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI) there's been a lot of discussion about which jobs will replaced by increasingly intelligent technology. 

Previous jobs were eaten by the information age, and that gave birth to what? The Knowledge Worker, as Peter Drucker describes us. 

At MuraCon 2017, the Content Marketing Institute's Robert Rose, made this point clear:

"That's where we are today--the knowledge worker. That's what we all are theoretically, whether we're in marketing, content practitioners, or developers. We're all knowledge workers. We're building off of the knowledge of what we do, and the cycle continues. We're working through a new cycle, as we develop technology…

If you're doing something that can be automated — writing press releases, writing news releases — in fact, people doing coding, doing template after template after template. Those are things that will ultimately be automated and created and computerized."