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Why Lead Source is Fake News

For almost 20 years, marketing and sales have been using a single field to track the source of their leads—"Lead Source." Makes sense, right?

Well, what if I were to tell you that "Lead Source" is FAKE NEWS?

In this session, DemandRamp Marketing Operations Manager Ronnie Duke reveals why 'Lead Source' may not be telling you the full story, and what data is actually needed to accurately track lead attribution. This free, on-demand presentation will enable you to think more critically about your leads and how your content marketing is really affecting your sales pipeline. 

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Lead source is a critical piece of data you need in order to assess the value of your marketing campaigns and part of proper lead management. When done right, you can measure the value of your marketing campaign efforts and ROI. When done wrong, they can become "fake news." DemandRamp Marketing Operations Manager Ronnie Duke explains how to set up your lead sources to get better data and better analytics and avoid them becoming fake news.