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Lose Your Head Without Losing Your Sanity

Headless & Decoupled Content Management with Mura & Gatsby.js

Surprised Developer at ComputerSingle-page applications and static site generators have been called "the next big thing" since as far back as 2015. 

While developing using these cutting-edge stacks, one challenge has remained: how do we scale our content?

Many developers have turned to everything from querying Markdown files, to various Content as a Service (CaaS) or "Headless" CMS providers which allow developers to create content models for repetitive feeds such as blog posts or templated pages.

However, many of these systems tend to demand more of your time as a developer whenever they want to break outside of the box on their website. In many ways, content contributors can feel like they have even less control than they did with their legacy system.

If you're looking to give your marketing team (or anyone else) the freedom to create what they need on the fly, while still maintaining boundaries, you may be looking for a Decoupled CMS solution.

In this webinar, we will explore how the Mura Digital Experience Platform can be used to empower digital marketing teams while freeing up developers to focus on more important things.

You'll learn:

  • How to avoid common pitfalls and shortcomings of static sites
  • How to develop for the needs of modern digital marketing teams (and keep them out of your hair)
  • The benefits of Decoupled vs Headless CMS
  • How to use Mura to provide Content as a Service to Gatsby JS

See video below or download the Presentation Slides

Thumbnail of a Wistia video
Thumbnail of a Wistia video