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Integration Assistance

Mura CMS ships with a full, rich feature set, but it's often deployed as just one part of a bigger application ecosphere. We can help your team integrate Mura CMS with Active Directory/LDAP systems, CRM solutions, association management systems, and more.

Active Directory and LDAP integration (single sign-on solutions)

Mura CMS has powerful built-in membership management and authentication controls, and it often makes sense to integrate these features with external user repositories like Active Directory, LDAP or other single-sign-on solutions. Our team can work with your IT resources to synch up Mura's membership features to a external system, so that you can manage your users and group memberships in one central system without unneccesary duplication. 

CRM Solutions

We've helped organizations complete integrations with, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and many other CRM solutions. You can integrate your users, push and pull data, create single sign-on solutions, create lead generation solutions, and more. Simply your workflow, and get better site functionality by getting in touch with us to see what's possible. 

ERP Systems

If you need to integrate your Mura CMS with your ERP system, let us help. We've worked with clients to push/pull data from Mura CMS to SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and many other ERP systems. We can lead the integration project, or simply assist your team during the process. 

Assocation Management Systems

Many associations adopt Mura CMS for a better website management experience, but still rely on their Association Management System to handle membership status, dues payments, etc. Let us help you with the integration between Mura CMS and your site - you can setup secure areas of the site, and have users login and access rights controlled by your AMS. You can even setup secure payments, and more right in Mura CMS. 

Your custom needs

Whatever system you need to integrate with, we're available to help. Mura CMS can be the hub for your organization's data and content display, and can push and pull content any way you can imagine. Get in touch with us to see what's possible!