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Professional Services

Site Migrations

Are you looking to move your site to Mura CMS? Let us handle the migration for you, or help your team speed up the process.

Moving a site from one system (or no system at all) into Mura CMS can be greatly sped up by working with our professional services team. We'll help you inventory your current content and assets, map them to your new site structure, and define and execute a reliable, thorough process for migrating them into Mura CMS's content repository. 

We develop re-usable migration scripts and database routines to programmatically insert content into Mura CMS via the Mura CMS API, which allows for rapid migration of content and assets. Because migrations are often a multi-step process (very often repeating the migration due to ongoing updates to the previous site during development), ensuring migration is easy to trigger and complete is a key aspect of our project approaches. 

We'll also work with your team to develop content structure strategies to take advantage of built-in Mura CMS features for content migration and re-use. We can review your current page structures and functionalities, and make recommendations on how to best duplicate (or improve on) your site's layouts in Mura CMS.