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Professional Services

Theme Development

Need help creating or adopting theme for Mura? Our template development services will give you a pixel perfect, SEO-friendly, cross-platform and standards-based foundation on which to build your site.

We will work with your design team to fully implement your design in Mura, including developing all layout, CSS and JavaScript files, adding overall site structures and navigation, developing in-page features and variations, web forms and more.

Modern approach

We use modern, standards-driven approaches to site development, to ensure that your site is responsive and easily maintained.

SEO Friendly Markup and Development

Our site development processes keep SEO best practices in mind - you supply great content, and we'll make sure your pages and code structures are optimized for top SEO performance. We can add automatic XML sitemaps to your site, and work with your team to provide 301 redirects for any previous URLs. If you have an SEO consultant or vendor, we can work with them to ensure your new Mura site includes their recommendations and suggestions. 

Mobile solutions

We can build your site so that your mobile visitors are treated as first-class citizens. You can choose either a responsive layout, or a mobile-specific set of templates, and we'll take care of all the needed development. Mura has a number of options for mobile development - we'll review your needs, and work with you to determine the best approach.

Usability Enhancements for Content Admins

Basic pages and content in Mura are easy to maintain, but if your site has complex structures and layouts, there are a number of steps you can take during development to make your site simpler and more usable for your content administrators to maintain. Our development team will analyze your content structures and site functionality, and build in enhancements and UI improvements to make sure your team can easily and quickly make site updates for even the most complex layouts and applications.