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Why Professional Support?

Mura Professional Support is much more than an emergency plan. All of our support subscriptions provide direct access to the Mura Development team at Blue River. They understand not only how Mura CMS works, but why it works the way it does.

In addition to friendly, on-demand assistance with any roadblocks or errors related to your Mura CMS projects, you'll receive expert guidance, advice about workflow and coding strategies, and answers to your specific use-case questions, directly from the people who know the software best. 

"Mura Pro Support has saved us time and development. It's like having another programmer at a fraction of the cost."
     -  Stephen "Stick" Hazen, Tulare County

You will never be directed to a generic helpdesk or receive time-wasting responses from call center staffers. The easy-to-use support ticket system directly notifies our staff with each new incoming message. Tickets are addressed in a timely manner, with replies including helpful suggestions, examples, and references as needed to provide a working solution.

Like Having the Mura Dev Team on Your IT Bench

Talk to real people, about real projects. Every annual Professional Support subscription includes a generous amount of time for questions, conversations, explorations and meetings with the Mura development team. You'll get to know our support staff in person, and will come to rely on their advice as a valuable asset to your company.

Getting help is easy and convenient. Correspond directly through email, or use our simple online portal to log in and manage your past and open tickets. We may also schedule phone conversations or online screen sharing sessions, or provide access to additional experts who can help at the server level. Every member of the Mura team is equipped with a cumulative lifetime of experience developing features and solving problems in Mura CMS.

"Every time we reach out to them, we get a prompt and accurate response, and it's been fun developing our relationship. Our developers enjoy working with the Blue River developers, and the partnership is satisfying and productive."
     - Meg Whittle,  Director of Web Strategy & Information Technology, World Learning

Access much more than emergency care. We're not only here to help when things go sideways or deadlines loom large, we're here to make sure things are on the right track from the start and move forward in a way that ensures success—and hopefully, avoids emergencies and looming deadlines.

With confidence comes increased productivity. Facilitate a faster workflow while removing common pain points and sources of development friction from your team's to-do list, with access to friendly, knowledgeable Mura CMS experts, ready to assist when sticky situations arise. Ask our support staff for help with any aspect of development, from project planning to launch-day guidance, and proceed knowing things are being done correctly the first time.

Learn from invaluable experience. In addition to creating and maintaining the software itself, the developers at Blue River have spent thousands of hours building custom websites and applications with Mura CMS. We have also supported a multitude of users from a diverse range of industries and organizations through the years, enabling all support clients to learn from that collective experience. On request, we will provide written guides, walk-throughs, code examples, and general advice about things to remember or to avoid, as you build out and deploy your Mura projects.  

Professional Support Plans and Features

Subscription Level Basic Premier Enterprise Unlimited
Consulting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Deployment Advice Yes Yes Yes Yes
How-To Instruction Yes Yes Yes Yes
Best Practice Advice Yes Yes Yes Yes
Code Review Yes Yes Yes Yes
"Jump Start" Code Samples Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bug Fixes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Roadmap Input No No Yes Yes
Off-Site Training No No Yes Yes
On-Site Training No No No Yes
Support Tickets 50 120 250 Unlimited
Priority Level 3 2 1 1
Response Time Guarantee 48 Hours 24 Hours 8 Hours 8 Hours
Annual Rate $8,750 $21,000 $40,000 $84,500

Support Plans also offer the ability for your team to get answers directly from the Mura CMS experts at Blue River - any questions you may have about best practices, programming approaches, etc. can be answered by us.

Deployment Advice
Deployment environments vary from organization to organization, and one size does not fit all. We can provide your team with advice to ensure that your Mura CMS setup is optimized for your specific environment.

How-To Instruction
Not quite sure how to do something? We'll get you going straight away with a phone call or screen sharing to walk you through exactly what you need to do, providing contextual advice along the way.

Best Practice Advice
In addition to showing you exactly how to do something, we'll tell the best way to do it and why. Don't get boxed into a corner with an uninformed decision.

Code Review
We'll provide a review of any modifications or integration code your team is working on to make sure it's done right the first time.

"Jump Start" Code Samples
We'll even provide sample starter code to help get your team up and running on a specific issue or challenge you're facing.

Bug Fixes
Clients with paid support plans can count on prioritized fixes for Mura CMS bugs they report.

Roadmap Input
Clients who have Enterprise or Unlimited Support Plans get the ability to provide input to influence the Mura CMS Roadmap and affect the development of new features and functionality in Mura CMS.

Off-Site Training
Your organization can send people to up to 10 days of our training sessions in Sacramento or wherever we may be holding an official training. For example, you could send 2 people to all 5 days (10 training days total) of a week-long training course.

On-Site Training
We'll send a certified Mura CMS expert trainer to your location for a week of on-site training for up 12 people.

Support Tickets
Support Tickets are charged for each support request. Each separate support request costs at least one support ticket (but if multiple issues are addressed at one time, they may count as a single ticket). Blue River will spend up to 1 hour and 15 minutes on a single ticket, and additional tickets are charged when Blue River support staff spend 15 minutes over the base hour.

Priority Level
We offer faster guaranteed response time to clients with higher levels of support contracts. While we strive to answer all supporequests as quickly as possible, we can only guarantee the response time for each support level purchased.

Response Time Guarantee
Higher priority support requests move to the front of the support queue, so whenever there are multiple requests from different clients, those with higher priority contracts will be addressed first.


Get in touch with our team to talk to find out even more about the benefits of Mura CMS Professional Support. Our goal is to provide a solution that fits your budget and workflow as perfectly as possible.

 For federal buyers: GSA Schedule #GS-35F-0510Y