Core Developer Training - Mura Digital Experience Platform

Core Developer Training

Perfect For Application Developers


In this three-day course, you will get a hands-on "deep dive" into Mura. You'll learn the fundamental principles at work in Mura, and how to programmatically manipulate, extend, and customize Mura. We'll cover topics ranging from the accessing the Mura API to creating modules and plugins, and much more. This course will enable you to take full advantage of all that Mura offers.



  • Introduction / Overview
  • Where Mura is Installed
  • Mura Directory Structure
    • The "config" Directory
    • The "core" Directory
    • The "sites" Directory
    • The "themes" Directory
    • The "modules" Directory
    • The "resource_bundles" Directory
    • How to Update Mura
  • Mura Scope
    • Custom Instance of the Mura Scope
    • setCustomMuraScopeKey
  • Mura Events
    • Lifecycle Events vs. Contextual Events
    • Mura "event" Scope
    • Event Hooks
    • Event Lifecycles
    • Event Handlers
    • Mura's Event Log
  • Mura Beans & Objects
    • Common Bean Objects
    • Mura Scope Objects
    • Custom Objects
    • Mura Iterators
  • Mura Rendering
    • The Mura contentRenderer.cfc
    • The Mura [m] Tag
    • Mura Modules & Display Objects
    • Mura Content Types
    • JSON API
    • Mura.js
    • Internationalization & Localization
    • Caching
  • Mura Plugins
    • Plugin Anatomy
    • Installing Plugins
    • Setting Permissions for Plugins
    • Deleting Plugins
    • Advanced Options
    • Plugins vs. Modules
  • Getting Support