Theme Developer Training - Mura Digital Experience Platform

Theme Developer Training

Perfect For Web Developers & Theme Developers


In this one-day course, we will cover how to convert an existing visual design into a Mura site theme. You'll get an in-depth understanding of how to create and modify Mura templates and CSS to create your site's layouts and design. We will also show you how to rapidly build-out a site with common functionality by leveraging the built-in features of Mura.



  • Where to Start
    • Where Mura is Installed
    • Mura Directory Structure
    • Managing Multiple Sites
    • Site Bundles
  • Creating Layout Templates
    • Theme Layout Templates
    • Mobile Layouts
    • Component Layout Templates
    • The Mura [m] Tag
    • The Mura Scope
    • Template Variables & Helper Methods
    • What Can I Use?
  • Customizing Default Output
    • Custom 404 Page
    • Custom Error Page
    • Customizing the Web Editor
    • Image Sizes
  • Class Project: Integrate a Third-Party Theme Into Mura
  • Getting Support