Why Mura?

For Content Managers

If you're like most Web Content Managers, you have many balls in the air and several dozen plates spinning at any given moment.

You must organize, plan, schedule, edit, update and collaborate day in and day out.  

What you really want is control–when and where you need it–to give access or make changes fluidly, without worry about integrating with your other systems and without the hassle of needing to bug a developer.  

Say hello to mura.

Mura was built to be Mission Control for Content Managers, chock-full of essential features so you can get on with your day.

Nimble Content Creation

Leverage drag and drop layouts, and built-in features like custom navigation, galleries and slideshows that eliminate the need for third-party plugins—and the perpetual challenges they present

Power to the People

Manage access and permissions for content contributors, from the less technical to the rockstar.

Browse, Edit, Publish

Edit content in context of the page itself

Foolproof Publishing

Quickly roll out, and rollback, site-wide content updates

Friction-Free Forms

Easily create forms that connect with other systems like your Marketing Automation Platform

The Work Will Flow

Customize the UI to create efficiencies for different users with different skills and needs

Worry-Free Recovery

Recover deleted files with ease, individually or in bulk, and put them back exactly where they were—or someplace new.

Parlez Vous Mura?

Multi-language and locale support with unparalleled worfklow flexibility without requiring 1:1 content relationships.

GDPR Compliance

Easily maintain GDPR compliance with consent management, opt-in/opt-out, and bulk deletion.

In Flow

The Wisdom Worker in the Digital Experience

With the advent and popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI), there's been a lot of discussion about which jobs will replaced by increasingly intelligent technology. 

Preparing for GDPR with Mura

In this post, we explain what the GDPR is, how it impacts you, what implications it might present for doing business in the United States, as well as the Eurozone, and how Mura will help you maintain compliance.