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Why Mura?

For Developers


Freedom. Creativity. Flow. The barriers to getting there can be steep.

From environments, databases, API's, libraries and frameworks, it's crazy we're expected to be experts and maintain all of it, let alone find time to immerse ourselves in our work.

Say hello to Mura.

Mura was created to free developers from flow-killing tedium and relentless distraction, providing a path to productive, meaningful work that you can be proud of.

API-Led Development

Headless, CaaS, REST, Mura.js, Vue.js, Next.js, React.js and more.


Containerization is the future for a reason. And Mura is right there with it.

Immutable Architecture

Focus on development, not recreating every environment on your machine.

A DevOps Dream

From your machine to staging to production, from Git to the cloud and only the files you need. Nothing more.

Framework-First Front-End

Bootstrap, Foundation—or roll your own and keep rolling.

Not ready for Docker or Containerization?

No problem. Mura stands up just fine without it and fits into your current workflow.

In Flow

Customer, Interrupted: Second-Guessing Digital Marketing's Most Effective Tactic

While interruptive tactics can be effective, marketers must first weigh short-term benefits with long-term costs. Full-screen overlays, modal windows, and interstitials may be highly visible, but they can damage the overall user experience and leave a bad taste in visitors’ mouths. These modern pop-ups are simply a new breed of interruptive marketing that prioritizes business needs over the experience we’re creating.

Evolve Your Game: The API-Led Path to Development Freedom

API-led development is a mindset and methodology which will make your projects more robust and reliable, reducing the friction of managing even the largest projects. We believe strongly in the concept of “Flow”, of structuring your development in a way that maximizes your performance while minimizing the distractions and worry of failure that inevitably arise. API-led development is an important step in achieving it.

Evolve Your Game: Following the Leaders

API-led development is a mindset that takes control away from the application and hands it back to the developer. It used to be that the application defined the bulk of the requirements. UI, platform, migration, future-proofing, deployment and lifecycle. By thinking API-first, a lot of that simply goes away.