For IT Professionals - Mura Digital Experience Platform
Why Mura?

For IT Professionals

Dropping another app into your infrastructure doesn't exactly give you warm fuzzies, we get it.

User support, dependencies, and integrations all combine to create a witches brew that creates risk for you and your team — and distracts from creating and maintaining a tight ship. But it comes with the territory. And if you need to do it, do it with confidence.

Say hello to mura.

Mura was built to deploy easily to our cloud or yours, reducing worry and distraction for busy IT Professionals.

Seamless Fit

Deploys on Tomcat or other Java servlets

Highly Compatible

Supports Mysql, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, or Oracle databases


Easily maintain and deliver infrastructure

Provide Forensic Insight

Mura maintains transaction logs to ensure accountability and stability

Built for Speed

Built-in caching plus MongoDB, MemCached, EHCACHE support

Flexibility, Not Handcuffs

Allow customization, integration with other apps, as well as the creation of new ones, and stay on the upgrade path.

Your Cloud or Ours?

Immutable architecture and DevOps you can only dream of are availble in our cloud, but if you've got your own, Mura's happy anywhere.

In Flow

Evolve Your Game: The API-Led Path to Development Freedom

API-led development is a mindset and methodology which will make your projects more robust and reliable, reducing the friction of managing even the largest projects. We believe strongly in the concept of “Flow”, of structuring your development in a way that maximizes your performance while minimizing the distractions and worry of failure that inevitably arise. API-led development is an important step in achieving it.

Evolve Your Game: Following the Leaders

API-led development is a mindset that takes control away from the application and hands it back to the developer. It used to be that the application defined the bulk of the requirements. UI, platform, migration, future-proofing, deployment and lifecycle. By thinking API-first, a lot of that simply goes away.