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Why Mura?

For Marketers

Drowning in it?

There's never been more pressure on Marketers to deliver continually-relevant content in a way that makes the experience increasingly meaningful over time.

With literally thousands of channels to consider, analytics, attribution and more, the path forward can quickly become overwhelming.  

Say hello to mura.

Mura was built with a focus on the content experience–to deliver the right value, to the right audience, in their time.

Connect through Content Personalization

Relevant and low effort experiences create meaningful engagement and serious ROI.  

Optimize & Deliver

Optimize experiences and shorten the decision journey to deliver better leads, in less time

Convert & Connect

Contextual calls-to-action create clear goals and a path forward

On a Multi-Channel Mission

Sync web experiences with email, PPC, SEM, other owned web channels, and more

Make Every Experience Binge-Worthy

Infinite scroll, content recommendations and audience-specific delivery create binge-worthy content experiences


In Flow

Customer, Interrupted: Second-Guessing Digital Marketing's Most Effective Tactic

While interruptive tactics can be effective, marketers must first weigh short-term benefits with long-term costs. Full-screen overlays, modal windows, and interstitials may be highly visible, but they can damage the overall user experience and leave a bad taste in visitors’ mouths. These modern pop-ups are simply a new breed of interruptive marketing that prioritizes business needs over the experience we’re creating.

Preparing for GDPR with Mura

In this post, we explain what the GDPR is, how it impacts you, what implications it might present for doing business in the United States, as well as the Eurozone, and how Mura will help you maintain compliance.

Duct Tape, Bubble Gum, and WordPress

These days it's hard to get very far, when considering a new site launch or refresh, without coming across WordPress. Which is no surprise, considering it powers almost a third of the internet.

What is surprising is how often it's considered for larger organizations, especially when security and compliance with regulations like the GDPR can create significant risk.