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Mura is For:

Total freedom, total control,
total productivity. Your design, powered by great content management functionality.

  • Standards-based HTML/CSS templating: Mura CMS has a modern, best-practice approach to templating and layout
  • Complete Control: Use our included CSS/JS/HTML starter templates, or substitute your preferred approach. Either way you have freedom to implement any design you want
  • Mobile and Responsive Options: Build mobile-friendly layouts quickly; both responsive and mobile-specific layouts are supported
  • Build it fast: Mura CMS ships with tons of pre-built objects and features to help you complete your sites in record time

Packed with powerful features,
Mura CMS is easy to customize & extend for your needs. 

  • Easy to customize with a powerful API and event-driven architecture
  • Flexible programming options: from object-oriented purity to quick & dirty, it's your call
  • Cross-platform support: Mura CMS fits almost every environment - it's even cloud-ready
  • High-performance clustering easy to setup and maintain
  • One-click updates make updating your Mura CMS installations fast and painless

Mura CMS frees Marketers
& Editors to do what they do best — work with content and connect with people.

  • Easily add and update your site content with an incredibly intuitive, easy to use interface.
  • Engage your audiences with powerful blogging and user feedback tools like comments, ratings, reviews, etc.
  • Create Search Engine Optimized sites and marketing campaigns.
  • Personalize content for different audiences.

Slash your costs and timelines.
All the features your team

needs at a fraction of the cost
of competing systems.

  • Dual-licensing option: your organization can use Mura CMS under your choice of open-source or commercial options.
  • Professional support available for both open-source and commercial options.
  • Extensive feature set provides your teams with built-in toolkits for powerful development
  • Rapid development cycles allow you to slash months off your project timelines 

Mura CMS provides a complete toolkit for Government website, intranet and extranet development.

  • Secure and scalable, Mura CMS is a great choice for even the most demanding of goverment projects
  • Open source and commercial options means you can use Mura CMS even if you have tight budget constraints
  • Gather feedback from your audience with built-in comments, ratings, polling and drag & drop form editor.
  • Available via the GSA: you can purchase support, training, professional services and commercial licenses from our GSA schedule - GS-35F-0510Y
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Mura CMS Showcase

  • Scientific American
  • CSX
  • Croix-Rouge
  • NSHE
  • Zweifel
  • Lowes Foods

Mura CMS
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This Fortune 500 company's corporate site includes social media integration, accessibility features, stock and investor information, recruiting tools, and more.

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Website for Swiss potato chips company Zweifel featuring multi-lingual content, a sweepstakes contest, mobile version, and more.

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