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Mura is For:

Easy to use and powerful.
Get in, get out, get on with your day.

  • Roll out (and roll back) content updates with ease
  • Streamline workflows and access by role
  • Drag and drop layouts
  • In-context editing
  • Easily build forms

Mura was created to head tedium off at the pass and build momentum for Content Contributors.

  • Edit content in the context of the page
  • Know exactly what needs your attention with content alerts
  • Easily recover deleted content
  • Schedule content individually or in batches for scheduled publishing

Content Personalization & Marketing bliss in a box.

  • Be personal, by being relevant with multiple targeting options
  • Sync email-driven experiences with the web
  • Connect experiences across channels
  • Optimize experiences by lifecycle stage to shorten the decision journey

Modern, fast & flexible:
Mura gets out of the way, so you can get more into your work. 

  • API-led: Vue.js, Node.js, React.js and more. Pick your poison.
  • Serious DevOps support: From your machine to production, from Git to the cloud. 
  • Immutable Architecture allows you to focus on development, not environments.
  • Docker-First: Containerization is the future for a reason. And Mura is right there with it.

Mura was built to slip seamlessly into your infrastructure, reducing worry and distraction.

  • Seamlessly fits into your existing infrastructure
  • Compatible with common databases
  • Container-ready
  • Flexible Caching Options
  • Customizable without taking you off the upgrade path
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Who Uses Mura?

  • Scientific American
  • Fidelity Worldwide Investment
  • Intuit
  • CSX
  • Zweifel
  • California Coalition on Worker's Compensation
  • Colorado State University

Mura is the platform of choice for the longest, continually running publication in the U.S. 


This Fortune 500 company's corporate site includes social media integration, accessibility features, stock and investor information, recruiting tools, and more.

Website for Swiss potato chips company Zweifel featuring multi-lingual content, a sweepstakes contest, mobile version, and more.

A series of sites for the NATO Special Operations Headquarters