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The API-Led Path to Development Freedom

API-led development is a mindset that takes control away from the application and hands it back to the developer.

It used to be that the application defined the bulk of the requirements. UI, platform, migration, future-proofing, deployment and lifecycle.

Back in the day, integrating an e-commerce solution into Mura required a coded plugin that specifically mated the two technologies together. There's nothing wrong with this approach, however, it comes with all the conditions above. When one application changes, the application that marries them together must likewise change.

By thinking API-first, a lot of that simply goes away.

In this webinar, host Grant Shepert will demonstrate useful techniques and examples for solving these problems, such as: 

• How using Mura modules will make your code portable and core-integrated

• Snipcart, a flexible and powerful storefront

• Making remote/local API calls with Mura.js

• Mura's auto-scaffolding and the ease of building custom Mura ORM objects for local storage of your custom data

• API-led development, a (re)revolutionary way of adding functionality to your website

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